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Channeling Demystified, 4/20/2023 | Laura Horne  | 02:58

This soundscape experiment aims to immerse the viewer in a meditative and hallucinatory experience. The experiment includes a looped cell phone video of the East River, NY with a circle-like object floating and bobbing in a circular motion. The video speeds up and slows down, and the saturation intensifies and de-intensifies, creating a shifting, almost dream-like atmosphere.

Through this experiment, I explore the boundaries of our perception and consciousness, to question our assumptions about reality and the self, and to experience the beauty and mystery of the human mind. I hope to offer a glimpse into the malleability of our perception and the potential for experiencing altered states of consciousness.


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Ubiquitous Computing I, 2022 | Laura Horne  | 02:56

Ubiquitous Computing is a term used to describe the growing trend of incorporating computer technology into everyday objects and environments. This video depicts clothing as an example of this trend, with the images of clothing  without bodies flashing quickly before the viewer to create a sense of unease. The sound recorded by Horne with a Korg Minilogue XD adds to this feeling by creating an eerie, warning-like atmosphere.

The video suggests that the widespread presence of technology in our lives is leading to a disconnect between our physical experiences and the digital world. The images of clothing without anyone wearing them is  a representation of this disconnect, as the clothes are removed from their intended context and function. The viewer is left to question if their own experiences are being appropriated and reduced to mere data points in the vast expanse of the internet.


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Negative Proposal , 2022 | Laura Horne |  01:33

The sound was recorded by Laura Horne with a microkorg, the first four video clips are from original footage by Laura Horne and all of the following video clips are from various advertisements on social media platforms. 


This video explores the idea of the consequences of our actions and the potential impact they can have on our lives and the world around us. By using a number of disorienting images to convey a sense of unease and uncertainty like juxtaposing scenes of water dripping from a woman's mouth with soap being massaged in a woman's hands creating bubbles. Or motorcycles flying through intersections with a rock in space hurtling towards Earth and a clock with turning hands with a woman in distress putting her head down on a table. Viewers are asked to ponder what could have happened if different choices were made while taking into consideration the passage of time.


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Escalating Breathlessness , 2022  \ Laura Horne |   03:31

Escalating Breathlessness, explores the emotions and experiences surrounding the death of George Floyd on May 25, 2020. The sound for the video was recorded with a MicroKorg in the aftermath of Floyd's death, capturing the raw emotions and feelings of the moment. The video footage was made two years after Floyd's death and is composed of low-res phone footage taken from scrolling through the archive of images currently stored on my scanner. By using this footage, I seek to convey a sense of the passage of time and the ongoing impact of Floyd's death on our lives and experiences, capturing the feeling of being overwhelmed and suffocated by the events of the past. This work provides a space for reflection and contemplation on the ongoing impact of Floyd's death and the ongoing struggles for racial justice.


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